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Spay & Neuter Surgery Performed with Skill, Safety & Compassion


The veterinarians at Crescenta Valley Veterinary Hospital are vastly experienced in spay and neuter surgery. We perform an extraordinary amount of these procedures with great success and a positive surgical experience. We offer our spay and neuter patients the same standard of excellence that guides our more complex surgeries: skilled veterinary professionals, state-of-the-art technology, the safest anesthesia, customized pain management, and personal monitoring and follow-up.

Benefits of Spaying & Neutering

Many pet owners are reluctant to spay or neuter their animal companions. This is due to a misguided belief that it harms the pet’s quality of life. Extensive research indicates that quite the opposite is true: Spaying and neutering offers many benefits to animals.

Spaying and neutering increases your pet’s chance of a longer and healthier life. Altered dogs enjoy an increased lifespan of up to three years and cats live from three to five years longer. Altered animals have low or no risk of mammary gland tumors and cancer, prostate cancer, perianal tumors, pyometria, or uterine, ovarian, and testicular cancers.

Spaying and neutering helps a dog or cat become a better pet by reducing the urge to roam, while decreasing the risk of contracting diseases or getting hurt as they roam.

Benefits of Spaying Female Dogs & Cats

  • No heat cycles, therefore males will not be attracted
  • Less desire to roam
  • Risk of mammary gland tumors and ovarian or uterine cancer is reduced or eliminated, especially if done before the first heat cycle
  • Reduces number of unwanted animals
  • Helps dogs and cats live longer, healthier lives

Benefits of Neutering Male Dogs & Cats

  • Reduces or eliminates risk of spraying and marking
  • Less desire to roam, minimizing injuries in fights or auto accidents
  • Risk of testicular cancer is eliminated
  • Decreases incidence of prostate disease
  • Reduces number of unwanted animals
  • Decreases aggressive behavior, including dog bites
  • Helps dogs and cats live longer, healthier lives

Your community also benefits because unwanted animals are becoming a real concern. Stray animals can become a public nuisance, soiling and damaging property, frightening people, creating disturbances, causing automobile accidents, and sometimes killing livestock or other pets. In addition, caring for and euthanizing stray and unwanted animals costs taxpayers thousands of dollars every year.

If you are not a professional breeder, we recommend spaying and neutering your pets.

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Best vet ever anywhere.”

- Michael D.

I not only like the Crescenta Valley Vet Hospital, I like the people who run it!!”

- Elizabeth G.

You folks are the best, thanks for taking such good care of our 4 legged children”

- Helen L.

THANK YOU to the doctors and staff at CV for being so caring and patient, with animals and humans!! :) We love u!!”

- Dantes and family!!

These guys are fantastic. The staff are so friendly and helpful, you couldn't want a better place to take your loved ones for care. I wish hospitals were this good!!!”

- Virginia C.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your care and concern. We are fortunate to have you.”

- Sparky & Martha

CVVH not only strives to provide the best medical care for your pets, but they also educate pet owners on how they can be proactive in creating a quality lifestyle for their pets."

- John C.

Thanks so much for the years of care & treatment for Buddy & Bruin. You and your staff are the best!"

- Chris L.