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Complete Pet Health Care for Dogs With Vaccinations, Parasite Prevention & Diet

Crescenta Valley Veterinary Hospital provides comprehensive care for dogs, from puppy to senior pet. We recommend wellness exams twice yearly for every healthy adult dog.

Personal Pet Care

Our wellness care approach allows us to tailor preventive care to your pet’s specific needs based on age, breed, size, general health, and lifestyle issues. We take the time to personalize your veterinary experience and help you build a strong bond with your canine companion.

Dog Care Basics

Learn more about vaccinations, nutrition, and parasite prevention for your pet:

We custom design a prevention program to maintain optimum health and avoid diseases in adult pets.

Choosing the Right Dog for Your Family

We are pleased to discuss your needs and desires when choosing the right dog for your family. Size, attitude, and lifestyle preferences all play a factor in this choice.

Dogs come in a variety of breed groups:

  • Herding, working, and sporting breeds—Intelligent and willing to work, but often need training and a strong handler
  • Hounds and nonsporting breeds—Reliable and sturdy, these are popular pet varieties
  • Terrier breeds—Feisty and energetic
  • Toy breeds—Small and intelligent pets
  • Mixed breeds—The most popular pet of all!

Kid-friendly dogs are usually the sturdier, active breeds. Unless your dog is well trained, however, there can be a risk to your children. Small dogs can be injured by unintentionally rough play, but a well-trained smaller dog can be a great companion. Discuss the possible choices with our veterinarians, so you may make an informed decision based on your specific needs.

We recommend pet behavioral training for all our canine owners. Ask us about your dog training needs at your next wellness visit.

Canine Resources

Choosing the right dog is easier with this dog breed selector from Animal Planet. Also visit the American Kennel Club and AKC Canine Good Citizen websites.

Best vet ever anywhere.”

- Michael D.

I not only like the Crescenta Valley Vet Hospital, I like the people who run it!!”

- Elizabeth G.

You folks are the best, thanks for taking such good care of our 4 legged children”

- Helen L.

THANK YOU to the doctors and staff at CV for being so caring and patient, with animals and humans!! :) We love u!!”

- Dantes and family!!

These guys are fantastic. The staff are so friendly and helpful, you couldn't want a better place to take your loved ones for care. I wish hospitals were this good!!!”

- Virginia C.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your care and concern. We are fortunate to have you.”

- Sparky & Martha

CVVH not only strives to provide the best medical care for your pets, but they also educate pet owners on how they can be proactive in creating a quality lifestyle for their pets."

- John C.

Thanks so much for the years of care & treatment for Buddy & Bruin. You and your staff are the best!"

- Chris L.