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Exotic Pet Vets: Veterinary Care for Rabbits, Birds, Reptiles & Small Mammals


Crescenta Valley Veterinary Hospital offers comprehensive veterinary services to a variety of exotic species such as birds, rabbits, reptiles, and small mammals.

Small Mammal & Exotic Pet Care

Small mammals, such as rabbits and pocket pets, and exotic pets need regular preventive care for optimum health and longevity. Most exotic pets are good at hiding symptoms of illness. Because of this trait, regular exams are important to catch any problems before they become more serious.

Many small pets have a relatively short lifespan. This means yearly exams can be equivalent to a visit to the doctor every decade in human terms. Your small pet deserves more frequent attention to maintain health and well-being. In addition, an understanding of the specific needs of your pet is critical in identifying developing problems between visits. We provide you with personal, one-on-one guidance in the proper care and nutrition of your small or exotic pets.

If your small or exotic pet does become ill, our veterinarians are experienced in internal medicine and basic surgical care. We have a long history of caring for small mammals and exotics, as well as a diverse background in treating zoo animals and wildlife. This extensive variety in our veterinary experience gives exotic pet owners confidence in our care of these unique animal companions.

Should you decide on an exotic pet, we recommend consulting with us prior to your purchase or adoption. We can advise you about veterinary concerns as well as natural habitat, health and wellness, basic care, and long-term needs.

Pet Birds

While birds are often a choice for busy professionals for their beauty, diversity, and convenience, these are not low-maintenance pets. They drop feathers, food, and excrement from their cages, are sometimes quite noisy, require a constant source of water and food, and their cages need to be kept clean of food waste and droppings.

Social birds require daily attention and handling to be happy, and they often have a sensitive nature. In addition, some birds have a very long lifespan—as much as a hundred years—requiring long-range planning.

All pet birds need a balanced diet, clean water, appropriate caging, proper sanitation, and regular veterinary checkups.


Reptiles offer a wide variety of fascinating pet options such as lizards, snakes, and turtles. They are an excellent choice for those allergic to fur or feathers, with a busy lifestyle, or who prefer a less socially oriented or hands-on pet. However, these exotics come with unique challenges for an inexperienced owner.

The needs of reptiles are unique to their type and each requires very specific care, equipment, and diet. Size is another important factor: for example, a six-inch iguana may mature to be four feet long. Pets with scales or without limbs can be an issue for those who are squeamish. In addition, some of these pets require a “live” diet, and this experience may not be for you.

Sound education, good hygiene, and regular veterinary care are critical to the health of these pets and their human families. Owners do run the risk of exposure to Salmonella bacteria, which can cause illness in humans, especially children. Learn more about protecting your pets and families from disease at the CDC Healthy Pets, Healthy People website.

Resources for Small & Exotic Pet Owners

Visit the following sites for more information about small and exotic pet care:

  • ASPCA Kids Pet Care
  • Reptile and amphibian pet care
  • California Turtle and Tortoise Club
  • House Rabbit Society
  • The American Ferret Association Note: ferrets are illegal in California, but we will provide treatment for them as needed.
  • Guinea Lynx —Care for guinea pigs.
  • Caring for Your Guinea Pig pamphlet.
  • Pocket Pet Care
  • Avian Information
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