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We Care for Pets’ Eyes: Experienced in the Diagnosis & Treatment of Eye Problems


From the day they arrive in your care, your pets are vulnerable to injury, irritation, and disease of the eye. This is true for pets that live inside your home as well as those spending time outdoors. A critical eye problem can lead to serious damage, permanently harming vision and even impacting overall health. Sadly, pet eye health is often overlooked until an obvious problem surfaces.

At Crescenta Valley Veterinary Hospital, every wellness visit includes an assessment of the eyes. This consists of a visual evaluation as well as discussion of any changes or behaviors that may indicate a problem in the eyes. We take your pet’s vision seriously.

Symptoms of Eye Problems in Pets

A variety of symptoms in and around the eyes are indicative of the need for veterinary assistance. Some of the more recognizable symptoms of an eye problem include:

  • Watery eyes
  • Discharge from the eyes or nose
  • Pawing or rubbing the eyes or face
  • Excessive blinking
  • Irritation or redness in and around the eye
  • Swelling around the eyes
  • Sensitivity to light or touch

There are many conditions that are cause for concern such as infections, eyelash or eyelid problems, or any type of discharge. Glaucoma, tumors, and abscesses behind the eye may cause a bulging appearance, while dehydration, weight loss, and even tetanus may cause the eye to seem sunken.

We offer our patients the most advanced diagnostic technology in pet eye care. Tonometry is electronic measurement technology that enables us to quickly determine the accurate intraocular pressure in your pet’s eyes. Tonometry is typically used to diagnose glaucoma. Additionally, we offer Quantitative Tear Tests and Fluorescein Stain for corneal ulcers to complete the ophthalmic exam.

Any symptom that points to a problem in or near the eyes should be addressed by a veterinarian as soon as possible, to avoid damage or loss of vision. Never risk your pet’s eye sight!

Pet Eye Care & Treatment

Our veterinarians are experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases and conditions. We work closely with you and your pet to develop a treatment plan that protects the patient’s vision and long-term health.

Our team is able to address problems such as eye infections, eyelid repair, removal of eye tumors, tear duct repair, and foreign objects in the eye. If your pet’s eye problem requires specialized care, we are pleased to refer you to a veterinary ophthalmologist in an office not far from us.

Contact our hospital to discuss possible eye problems in your pet.

Pet Eye Care Resources

This helpful guide, Symptoms of Eye Problems in Dogs, is from the Pet Health Center at WebMD. The experts at AAHA also offer information about cataracts in pets.

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