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Long Life & Vigor for Pet Health: Wellness Care with Diet & Nutrition Planning

The experts at Crescenta Valley Veterinary Hospital understand the nutritional needs at each life stage for dogs, cats, small mammals, and exotic pets. Good nutrition is the cornerstone of health in any pet.

Nutritional Evaluation at Wellness Exams

We evaluate your pet’s soundness and nutritional needs at every wellness exam. Our veterinarians guide you in developing the optimum nutritional plan for your special friend, from daily dietary needs to treats and supplements.

We also carry a complete line of prescription diets for specific needs such as heart, kidney, and urinary problems, food allergy dermatitis, and other medical concerns.

Pet Nutrition & Weight

Nutrition and weight can have a tremendous effect on the health of your pet. A vigorous animal maintains a stable, healthy weight with other signs of nutritional balance such as healthy skin and coat, clear eyes, a curious nature, and an active lifestyle. Sudden changes in your pet’s weight, physical condition, or demeanor may be indicators of other, more serious problems. When these changes occur, your pet should be examined by a veterinarian at once.

Obesity increases the risk of arthritis, difficulty breathing, insulin resistance or diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, skin problems, cancer, and other conditions. Often, weight increases occur slowly over time but may also be sudden or dramatic. While all weight gain is a concern, if your pet gains a lot of weight suddenly, it may indicate heart problems, kidney disease, tumors, or other diseases.

An overweight pet may not show any warning signs of health problems, so regular visits to your veterinarian are critical. Once we evaluate your pet’s condition, we create a nutritional plan unique to your pet, with recommendations for a proper diet and healthy treats. At that time we also suggest other steps to help your pet maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.

Sudden weight loss in an older pet is also a source for concern. Hyperthyroidism (an overactive thyroid gland), diabetes, kidney disease, and cancer are common causes of weight loss, especially in senior pets.

However, there may be other problems that are less serious and easier to address. The first step is to check the food bowl: Your pet may be reluctant to eat due to a dental issue, changes in the household, or even the need for a more varied diet. Refusal to eat can be indicative of either a medical or emotional problem, and we are skilled at diagnosing and addressing both types of concerns.

If you notice any sudden changes in your pet’s weight or dramatic, progressive weight loss or gain since the last exam, contact your CVVH veterinarian at once.

Additional Resources

Visit the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention or Hills Pet Nutrition websites for more information.

Best vet ever anywhere.”

- Michael D.

I not only like the Crescenta Valley Vet Hospital, I like the people who run it!!”

- Elizabeth G.

You folks are the best, thanks for taking such good care of our 4 legged children”

- Helen L.

THANK YOU to the doctors and staff at CV for being so caring and patient, with animals and humans!! :) We love u!!”

- Dantes and family!!

These guys are fantastic. The staff are so friendly and helpful, you couldn't want a better place to take your loved ones for care. I wish hospitals were this good!!!”

- Virginia C.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your care and concern. We are fortunate to have you.”

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CVVH not only strives to provide the best medical care for your pets, but they also educate pet owners on how they can be proactive in creating a quality lifestyle for their pets."

- John C.

Thanks so much for the years of care & treatment for Buddy & Bruin. You and your staff are the best!"

- Chris L.